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Why Johnsonville?


Johnsonville is evolving with desires to fundamentally change the overall ‘look and feel’ of the Metro Hub If you are looking for a commercial space for your business, now is the time to become a part of Johnsonville’s exciting future.

Johnsonville has an established town centre that is unique in character and spirit. It is Wellington’s most central metro hub, easily accessible suburbs with thriving retail and hospitality, recreation, and professional service businesses and in time it seen to become a preferred location due to its close proximity to the Wellington CBD and the easy accessibility to State Highway One and transport opportunities to the city.

Centrally Located


Geographically, Johnsonville sits at the top of Wellington, nestled between Wellington CBD and Porirua.

The convenience of being close to both the cities and a relatively short drive to the airport, and ferries makes Johnsonville a prime destination for businesses.

Easily Accessible

Discover Johnsonville

Just off the state highway one North and South bound. Short train ride from Wellington city centre. 23 minutes 17 km from international airport.

Well Connected

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Johnsonville benefits from excellent public transport connections. The Johnsonville train and bus station is located next to the town centre, opposite the city library, community centre and public swimming pool.

Future Regeneration

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The plan of beautification around the CBD leaves the opportunity for regeneration of the area, with more local connections by enhancing the walking, cycling experience, and fostering innovative residential housing solutions.

Positioned for Growth

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As Wellington’s largest metro hub servicing around 65,000, with its fantastic location where the city centre shopping area including bus and train service, library and swimming pool, many service centres, eateries, and supermarkets all are within short working distance, all lends itself to growth though housing intensification, creative construction, beatification and the arrival of new businesses and opportunities.

Vibrant Community

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Johnsonville has a vibrant community that celebrates culture and diversity. The locals are colourful, creative, friendly, and loyal.

As one of Wellington district’s older established town centres, Johnsonville is rich in history and includes several walking tracks and hidden gems which add to the area’s character and charm.

Free Parking

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All round the CBD there is a large parking area behind the shopping centre and outside a large supermarket opposite the main shopping centre.

Diverse Offering

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Johnsonville has everything – a wide variety of retail, hospitality, recreation, and services on offer making it a desirable destination to live, work and visit.

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Customer Spending

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The recently established JBG Johnsonville Business Group also become a BID Business Improvement District has a proactive, capable Executive Committee Team who are dedicated to supporting member businesses with:

  • Appointing a dedicated business improvement district manager for Johnsonville.
  • Promotion of Johnsonville and the organization – promotions and events.
  • Tailored workshops, programs, and networking opportunities.
  • Looking and assisting with economic growth opportunities.
  • Regular communications.
  • Free advice and information.
  • Helping drive the beautification of the CBD.
  • Working with Johnsonville service organizations and communities.
About Us

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Mike Helleur
Business Improvement District Manager Johnsonville
ph. 0272226650
[email protected]